Monday, December 21, 2009

Lotus Notes tip – OptimizeImagePasteSize

This is a setting that will considerably reduce the size of a Lotus Notes message by compressing the images pasted into a document.

* * *

SPR# TOHA673FH2 - Setting the notes.ini variable, "OptimizeImagePasteSize=1", converts all bitmaps and metafiles to .gif files when pasted into a document. Without this setting, bitmaps and metafiles take up a large amount of space causing the size of documents to be larger then necessary.

* * *

In releases prior to 8.5, there is no UI equivalent. Beginning with release 8.5, you can set a Basic Notes Client Configuration preference instead of using a notes.ini setting. Under Additional options, check Compress images pasted into documents.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Windows shortcut keys pass-through with Citrix client

IT had us switch from Windows Terminal Services to Citrix recently and feeling a bit frustrated with Citrix client not passing through the Windows keys (like ALT+Tab or Win+R) but only in full-screen.

Citrix ICA File Creator is very handy in creating .ica shortcut files pretty much like you would rdp connection files with Remote Desktop Connection client.

Once you create the .ica file you can edit it with a text editor (.ini file structure) to add the setting to always pass-through the Windows keys to the remote session:
From what I read the possible values are Remote, Local and FullScreenOnly. Personally I like the Remote option, that sends the keys over when the Citrix client window is the active application.

* * *
Update 26 Apr 2012

With Citrix Receiver 3.2 I cannot seem to change this in the plugin settings, but this Windows registry key should do it - see

Windows 7 x64 Enterprise edition – for all users:
Engine\Lockdown Profiles\All Regions\Lockdown\Virtual Channels\
Keyboard\TransparentKeyPassthrough = Remote

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lotus Notes 8 Themes

Although Lotus Notes 8 looks much better than 6.5 (but still 20 years behind Outlook :-), here’s how you can install a couple of new themes, so your Notes stands out of the crowd - I like the blue Royale one.

Download theme pack:

Installation notes:

  1. Unzip the file to get for installation;
  2. Go to ...\Notes\framework\rcp folder.
  3. Add "" to the end of file plugin_customization.ini
  4. Restart Notes 8. Then from Notes 8 client you can use menu "File -> Application -> Install" to install Eclipse based applications.
  5. Choose "Search for new features to install".
  6. Choose "Add Zip/Jar Location...", then select the file;
  7. Follow the instruction to complete the installation.
  8. After installation, Notes needs to restart;
  9. Click on menu File->Preference to open preference page, select the "Windows and Themes" page. In the Theme section, you will see new installed themes. Select one and click "OK" to apply the theme.
Lotus Notes - Royale Theme